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Drawing of the 2016 Paralympics in Rio logo.

This online protest is happening at the same time as the Paralympics Opening Ceremony in Rio. It is part of the Disabled People Against Cuts 2016 week of action.

Drawing of a person with empty pockets.

We are not protesting against the Paralympic Games themselves. We are protesting against the impact of the cuts on Deaf and Disabled people and the hypocrisy of politicians who publicly celebrate disabled athletes while pushing through cuts that mean many Disabled people don't have enough money to live on or support to go out of the house.

Drawing of a person with empty pockets.

The idea of this online protest is for Deaf and Disabled people and our allies to come together in numbers to get our views heard even when barriers mean we cannot physically get together to protest.

Drawing of a crowd protestingDrawing of a computer.

Just as street protests are not accessible to everyone, neither is technology, but this gives us another way to include more people who can and want to take part in an online protest.

Drawing of Arjun and Ben.

This online protest tool has been developed specifically for Disabled People Against Cuts by Arjun Harrison-Mann and Benjamin Redgrove.

Drawing of the DPAC logo.

Disabled People Against Cuts is a campaign set up in 2010 to oppose the way the cuts were targeting Disabled people and taking our rights and freedoms backwards. For more information go to the 'Get Involved' section or see